One-Stop Service
provided by DMO.

Nagasaki provides comprehensive service
together with first-rate support.

From planning through to fruition, DMO provides a comprehensive package expressly designed to meet the organizer's every need.

Support menu

  • Various types of support
    are available, according to
    the size of the convention.

    We can provide financial and advertising support as well as visual support using signs, flags and banners to create a lively and welcoming atmosphere.
    Financial support
    • ●Convention subsidy system
    Promotional・material assistance
    • ●6 kinds of MICE brochures
    • ●Tote bags
    • ●Welcome boards, Welcome flags, Welcome banners
    • ●Advertisements for the convention
  • Generous support for
    planning the convention

    Convention planners
    who provide a One-Stop service
    Tie-up with
    experienced professionals
    (Nagasaki MICE Business Network)

    DMOʼs Convention planners take care of all necessary procedures such as project management, advertisement, accommodation, travel agencies and souvenir shops.
    We will lead the convention to success by coordinating with experienced professionals according to the needs of the respective client.

  • A history of interaction and creation
    through Nagasakiʼs strong academic tradition
    and understanding of various cultures

    With our roots in numerous strong academia and cultures, we have extensive experience of hosting various conventions in our proud capacity as a city which ultimately promotes peace.

    During Japanʼs national isolation period, Nagasaki (the only ‘gateway’ open to the West), cultivated various cultures and schools of learning. We therefore excel at holding conventions in various areas such as international conferences for the abolition of nuclear weapons, medicine and engineering.

  • We are available for
    large conventions

    The opening of “Dejima Messe Nagasaki” enhances our capacity for larger scale conventions more than ever .

    In addition to its accommodation with the capacity for 15,000 people (approximately 7000 rooms), the unveiling of a Hilton hotel makes Nagasaki the perfect choice for holding MICE.

  • Exotic and historic feel of Nagasaki.

    How about the reception party of the Glover Garden ?

    You may hire unique venues which include some of Nagasakiʼs most famous tourist sites, such as Glover Garden, Dejima, and the Confucius Temple Chinese Museum.

  • “MICE in the city project”.
    .. in progress !

    DMO offers a tour expressly designed for the full enjoyment of Nagasaki. Local business, shops etc are ready and waiting to serve you.

    ◎Experience-based program and excursion
    ◎Website of Nagasaki Gourmet for participants in MICE


Machi-MICE, meaning “City-MICE”, is a tourist-city project, whereby people in Nagasaki welcome MICE with “Omotenashi” (Hospitality) and participants can enjoy every bit of Nagasaki whilst exploring the city.

Comprehensive support to organizers
from conception through to completion.